Benefits of Building a Retirement Fund

When it comes to personal finances, many people forego saving for retirement because of various reasons. Different factors such as income, expenses, location, age, risk tolerance and goals affect how each of us manages our finances. Because of these factors, saving for retirement comes last on the list of our priorities. However, there are so many real benefits saving early for retirement can offer. Once you begin to comprehend what these are, you will be highly motivated to create a retirement fund.

  • Being able to retire sooner. The earlier you take a step on managing your finances, the sooner you reach financial independence. Spending less cash than you earn is one of the keystones to building a retirement fund. Once you start this at a younger age, you will be able to retire sooner that you expect. Studies have shown that individuals who start saving for retirement at their 20s are more likely to retire at a younger age than those who waited until their 30s to start saving. 
  • Earn more from compound interest. Compound interest allows you to build bigger retirement funds. It is basically interest over interest. For example, suppose you saved and banked $1000 last year and it earned an annual interest equal to $20. This year, you will be earning interest on $1020. As you deposit regularly over the years, you will be earning interest on a compounding or increasing amount thereby increasing your retirement fund. This is why saving early benefits you more than foregoing saving for retirement.
  • It gives you something to work harder for. The moment you see the money in your retirement savings account grow, the more motivated you’ll be to work harder and earn more. This will keep you hyped up on earning more money and stop procrastinating on creating a retirement fund.

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