Top 3 Frugal A-Listers

It is common to see images of celebs on magazines and tabloids wasting money on designer bags, clothes, mansions and luxurious cars. We cannot blame them. They have the means to spend for these luxuries. But because of these extreme spending habits, it is very easy for us to find celebs going bankrupt after a short-lived fame.

Nevertheless, just because we see many A-listers who are spending money like there is no tomorrow does not necessarily mean it is impossible to find popular people living frugally. In fact, you will be surprised to know who among the top celebs are living simply despite the fact that they could easily afford a high-maintenance life.

1.       Kristen Bell

Recently, Kristen Bell’s worth increased after Frozen remarkably stormed the theaters. She could easily afford any designer clothes out there but she chooses to remain simple and frugal as evidenced by being seen on an appearance while rocking on a $45 dress from Target.

A lesson we can learn from Kristen is: just because you can easily afford it does not mean you have to purchase it. You can still remain trendy on cheaper items as long as you look at the right places.

2.       Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks is worth almost a hundred million dollars but she is very popular for taking home hotel freebies until now. Also, she inspired many when she did an office makeover using paint instead of new carpets because the former is cheaper.

Tyra’s lesson giveaway is: you don’t have to spend big on house or room makeovers. A good paint can give a dramatic look to anything without robbing your cash away.  Furthermore, don’t be ashamed of bringing hotel goodies home and using it. You paid for it anyway.

3.       Jay Leno

Known for his attraction for classic cars, many won’t believe that Jay Leno is a smart spender. But even though he spends money on these luxuries, he still sees to it that he has a part of his salary he won’t touch ever until he retires. In fact, all income he gets from NBC is deposited to a certain account which he vowed to never touch.

Jay’s smart saving tip: Put away your savings to a hard to access account like an IRA, 401K or a separate account so that during tough times, you won’t be tempted to spend it.

These financial tips from the A-listers could certainly help us easily transition to a frugal life. But it is hard to start on these tips if we have remaining urgent finances to settle. For this reason, I suggest you take a look at Windsor Bad Credit Personal Loans for now so you can solve your immediate cash needs. As soon as you have the means, pay this loan regularly until it’s settled. This loan can help you transition to a frugal life without so much stress because of its very flexible repayment terms.

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