Burnaby Car Title Loans

Burnaby Car Title Loans

Why You Need An Emergency Fund?

Having a solid emergency fund is very important to maintain financial security. It is highly recommended for every individual to have emergency fund amounting to 6 months of living expenses because no matter how much control you have over your finances, bad times occur from time to time.

Why do you need an emergency fund? Here are some reasons that would motivate you to start one:

  • Emergency fund can give you cash immediately for your instant needs. Whether you experience a car break down or your pet needs hospitalization, scenarios, like these, call for additional expenses beyond your regular budget. If you don’t have an emergency fund, it would be likely for you to end up in debts from loved ones or financial institutions.
  • Emergency funds can help you stand up during a job loss. You will need to have enough cash to get you by in case you don’t have a regular paycheck coming anymore.
  • Emergency funds can finance major health expenses. Sometimes, despite have a health insurance plan, you will still need to shell out money for expenses not covered by your insurance policy.

Why Choose Burnaby Car Title Loans From Car Title Loans Canada?

Although there are so many emergency funding options available today, Canadians remain to choose Burnaby car title loans from Car Title Loans Canada. Here are the reasons why these loans remain a top choice when it comes to emergency funding:

  • No credit check. Car Title Loans Canada can offer you Burnaby car title loans regardless of your credit rating. As the loans are based on the vehicle used as security, you can avail of Burnaby car title loans whether you have a good credit or a bad credit.
  • Cash under 1 hour. After submitting your online application and getting assessed within 24 hours, you will be called to go to the nearest office to get your cash in as short as 1 hour.  
  • Keep your car. As previously mentioned, Burnaby car title loans are based on the equity of the borrower’s vehicle. Despite this, the borrower gets to keep and drive the car during his or her loan with us.
  • No early prepayment penalties. Pay your loan anytime without suffering any prepayment penalty fees.

What are you waiting for? Choose Burnaby car title loans in case you need emergency funds. Contact us at 1-855-653-5451 to know how much money you can borrow using your car’s equity.

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