Best Time To Buy Appliances At Low Prices

As the saying goes, “timing is everything”. The same applies when you are making marjor purchases. When you have your timing right – as when you planned ahead – you will be able to find good deals. For example, when you plan a trip, it would be more likely for you to find better prices on tickets, hotel rooms and the like than when you haven’t planned it. The same goes for buying large appliances. There are times when its price is low and there are times when its price is too high. Question is: when it the right time to buy appliances?

Best Time To Buy Appliances At Low Prices

  •  When new models come out

Schedule your appliance shopping to the time new models of certain brands come out. When a new model comes out, old models will have to be priced lower so that they will be sold out and thereby make room for new models. Often, this happens between September and October for most large appliance companies.

  • Spring

When it comes to refrigerators, though, buy a new unit right before summer as new models of refrigerators are released during summer. May is the best month to buy refrigerator as it is the last month of spring which means new models will already come out the next month.

  • Holidays

Usually, items get discounted during major holidays: New Year, Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving Day, etc. But before you buy an appliance on sale, make sure you have made a price comparison because not all appliances on sale are the best deals. Sometimes, retail stores price higher than the other so it pays to do your research.

  •  End of the month

The end of the month is the best time to shop for appliances because most large appliances are sold on commission. Agents would be trying to reach their quotas during such time and would do desperate moves to make sales – even to the point of discounting the prices of the appliances.

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