Ways To Resist Your Friend’s Temptation To Spend  Money

When you have friends who are not conscious about their spending habits, saving money can be very challenging. But the economy today calls for you to continue making saving money a priority. Fight peer pressure that blocks you from saving money by following the tips below:

  • Offer cheaper alternatives to pricier options.

If a friend invites you to go to a restaurant for a pricey dinner, decline honestly. Don’t make up any reasons as that would be seen as you don’t want their company. Instead, offer an alternative which does not make you spend too much cash. For example, you can suggest drinking coffee at your home rather than eating a costly meal at a five star restaurant.

  • Give honest reasons.

Just tell your friends you cannot afford a dinner outside or another pricey meal for a couple of months because you are trying to put back your finances in order. Until then, you cannot just spend 50$ on meals you can eat at home at less than $5. Your friends will understand, don’t worry.

  • Know what your friend really wants.

Before ordering a costly meal at a pricey restaurant, be sure to know if that is really what your friend wants. Most often, friends invite you for a meal simply because they want to spend time. If the latter is most likely the reason behind the very pricey invite, then give it to them without spending too much. Do activities you both enjoy while spending the least amount of money. Just because you are saving money does not necessarily mean you cannot really spend anything at all!

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