Money Mistake Your Probably Are Guilty Of

Do you constantly see yourself facing major financial issues? Perhaps, this is because you are guilty of the most common money mistakes. Take note of the mistakes below and check if you are guilty of one of them.

1.       Short Term Budgeting

People end up underestimating their monthly expenses because they feel too confident they can go about it. However, this causes them to go beyond their budget and end up facing financial problems at the end of the month. Thus, research have suggested that you budget for long term rather than short term as you will most likely increase your estimates annual budget than on a monthly budget. This will keep you on track with your expenses.

2.       Falling in credit card reward traps

Rewards can sound good but in reality they will just force you to spend more than you would rather do otherwise. As a result, you swipe your credit cards most often and end up suffering high interest rates more than ever.

3.       Failure to look for the best deals

Consumers are now too lazy to find the best deals they would rather settle on what’s in front of them. This decreases their chances of being able to saving cash on the same good or service.

4.       Not adding income streams

Most of us are guilty of settling only on one income stream. While this is OK, it cannot really solve any financial crisis we are bound to face. To have a steady income flow even during trying times, consider earning income from a variety of sources: do freelance work, make a blog and monetize it, tutor a friend or even baby sit during your free time.

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