Tips To Saving Money When Your Partner Is Unmotivated To Save

When you get married, your goals and your partner’s goals intertwine. You no longer think of yourself alone. You always decide as a couple and never as an individual. You take into consideration your partner’s point of view. This becomes a stumbling block when you start becoming highly motivated to save money and cut the general cost of living while your partner wants to continue living in the now. Conflicts can arise because of your opposing views on finances.

As we don’t want you to end up fighting with your partner because you insist that he or she save the same way as you do, we provide you with tips below on how you can save money for the both of you.

  • Save on things you can control at home.

There are so many things you can do to save money at home. For example, you can shower for a short time to save on water expenses. If your partner does not want to participate, how about you shorten your shower time all the more to make up for your partner’s slack in this area? Turn off the lights that are not in use but don’t complain if your partner does not do the same. Simply understand that you are not on the same page when it comes to handling your finances. Use lesser toiletries: shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper, etc. Things like this can let you save money yet still make up for your partner’s shortfalls in saving money.

  • Make your partner aware of your growing expenses.

When budgeting for your recurring expenses, don’t leave your partner off the loop. But don’t talk to them generally about this because they will more likely not mind it. Instead, list down all your finances in a spreadsheet and their corresponding due dates. By doing so, your partner will become aware of what specific expenses are to be budgeted for and so will most likely cooperate. Often, partners who don’t want to save remain apathetic because they really are unaware of the details of all your necessary expenses.

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