Five Tips To Save Money Fast

While saving money slow and steady is the recommended approach to create sizeable savings, there are times when we need to save money fast. When it comes to saving money fast though, it is quite challenging. For this reason, I have outlined the top 5 tips for you to save money fast. Follow these steps by putting all your savings in a jar.

1.       Don’t do grocery shopping for two weeks or so.

If you don’t have food in your pantry, then this tip isn’t for you. This tip is for many of us who stack a large number of cans of food in our kitchen.  Rather than making a trip to the grocery store, how about you save your money for grocery in a jar. Just eat the food you already have in your cupboard. It’s that easy!

2.       Avoid anything that lets you spend money.

Although this is a very hard tip to follow, just think about it this way – for about two weeks, sacrifice all your daily pleasures and put the money for those pleasures in your savings jar. This means you cannot purchase takeaways for your daily meals. You cannot stop by at coffee shops before work. You cannot purchase new clothes. You cannot rent new movies or visit the movie house. Sacrifice. Anyway, it is just for two weeks.

3.       Make a coin jar for your coins.

We take coins for granted most of the time. But if we learn chuck them altogether in a jar; we will be amazed at how much we can save. So make it a habit to save your coins in a jar when you get home.

4.       Sell unused items on eBay.

Of course you have those purchases you only used once yet never bothered using again. Start looking for them in your house and create an eBay account where you can sell all those items. Don’t just leave them to rot when you can still make money out of them.

5.       For essential items, buy unbranded ones.

Why would you spend higher amounts on branded toilet papers, tin foils, cleaning agents when you can spend lesser on unbranded ones yet still get the same benefit? Just put the extra money you save for those items in your savings jar!

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