How To Keep Track Of Your Bills

All of us have bills to pay each month. These include: phone bills, gas bills, water bills, cable bills, internet bills, mortgage payments – the list goes on.  Often, we tend to forget the due date of these bills that we end up being hunted by late service charge fees and penalty fees on top of our regular bill amount. To avoid penalties and be able to pay your bills on time, here are some steps that can help you keep track of your bills.

1.       Identify all your monthly bills.

You have bills to pay monthly, quarterly or bi-annually. It is helpful to distinguish which are the monthly recurring bills from the other bills so as not to be late with their payments. This proves to be a good way of keeping track of your bills. Note: Set a mail and phone alert on the quarterly and bi-annual bills to ensure prompt payments on them too.

2.       Know how many days you have until the due date.

Another great method of keeping on track of your bills is by knowing how many days you have before you need to pay the bill. There are bills which give you a 2-week grace period while there are those which do not give you any. Prioritize the bills you have to pay by their grace period so as to avoid late payments.

3.       Estimate the average cost of each bill.

Estimating the average cost of each bill is a great way to set aside cash for your necessary expenses. To be able to come up with a good estimate, get the average amount of two succeeding monthly bills.

4.       Set an alert about a week before a bill is due.

Now that you have prioritized your bills according to grace period and identified the average cost for each, you can now set a reminder that would alert you on the due date of each bill. As part of the alert, you can even schedule with your bank an automatic payment plan for recurring monthly bills to ensure that there will be no delays on your bill payments.

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