Money Lessons From Your Hollywood Idols 

There are still plenty of celebrities in Hollywood who choose to spend money wisely rather than splurging on luxuries. It is refreshing to hear about them as most of the stories the tabloids tell us are about how many popular A-listers are wasting their money on expensive clothes, bags, cars and mansions.

Here are the famous Hollywood actors and actresses who would rather save than splurge. Take a look at their money philosophies below and learn from them. 

  • 1.       Zooey Deschanel

What surprised her followers during her divorce with her ex-husband was her budget. As part of the legal proceedings, Zooey Deschanel was made to disclose her spending habits and she shocked many when it was revealed that only .02% of her $15 million income is spent monthly on utilities, clothes, phones and others. On top of that, she maintains a monthly contribution of $1500 to charity. Furthermore, she had zero balances on all credit cards under her name.

Zooey’s Money Tip: Don’t be a slave to debt by using your credit cards responsibly. Don’t use credit cards on unnecessary items outside your budget as you can easily fall out of track with a spending habit such as that.  Instead, only resort to cash solutions like Oakville Bad Credit Personal Loans and credit cards for emergencies. 

2.       Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence has a steadily increasing fan base because of her down to earth attitude. Thanks to a good upbringing, despite her fast rise to fame because of her box office movies, J.Law has remained frugal and humble when it comes to her lifestyle.

J.Law’s Money Tip: Instead of adding expenses when you get a raise, continue to live within your current lifestyle. By doing this, you could save more, invest more and be more financially secure.

3.       Paul McCartney 

One of the famous rock stars of all time, Paul McCartney, is an admirable parent for teaching his lucky daughter the value of money and how one should earn every penny. Instead of giving her everything she wants, Paul encourages her daughter to pay for her post-secondary school.

Paul’s Money Tip: Don’t stop teaching financial lessons to your kids just because you are already financial secure. Keep your children grounded by making them realize that even though they can easily have anything they want does not necessarily mean they don’t have to make an effort to get it. Rather than buying your kid the latest gadget instantly, let him or her earn it by demanding high grades at school or doing extra chores at home. This will help your children to grow as financially responsible individuals.

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