Reasons Why You Are Still In Debt Part 1

If you are constantly in debt no matter how much you try to resolve it then most probably you are not aware of the reasons you are still in debt. Oftentimes, you might already know the reasons why but you opt to neglect it until someone calls you up on it. That’s the time you will begin to realize you need to do something about your problem.

Below are some of the reasons behind why you are still in debt that you constantly neglect:

1.       Spending more than you are earning.

This is the top root cause of why most of us are still in debt. Most of the times, we are blinded by how big our monthly paycheck is that we spend too much on a daily basis. As a result, we end up overestimating our daily budget which then leads us to debt problems. To ensure you won’t go beyond your earnings, divide your monthly salary into 30 and allocate a certain budget for each day. Beware: the amount you can allocate is never as big as you thought it should be.

2.       You constantly desire for more.

This is perhaps the next reason why you are still in debt. You are having money problems because of your constant desire for more. You are not contented with what you already have thus you constantly focus on what you want. Rather than looking for new clothes to buy, checking on the latest smartphones, thinking of more groceries to shop, how about you start focusing on the clothes you already have in your wardrobe, the phone you already are using and the food in your pantry.

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