Financial Lessons From Frugal Celebrities

Although it is known to many that Hollywood is a home of the rich and famous who have nothing else to do but waste money, there are still many celebrities who are able to maintain a humble lifestyle despite the money they are earning and the fame they are enjoying. If you just spend some time analyzing their spending habits, you will be surprised to take away some good financial lessons.

Here is a list of celebs you can gain financial wisdom from:

1.   Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker is far from her character in Sex and the City. In real life, she dresses her children with clothes from their older cousins because she does not want them to grow up entitled.

Lesson Learned: Take advantage of hand-me-down items from your relatives whether they are clothes, toys or baby accessories. You could save a lot if you make use of them rather than buying new ones.

2.   Sarah Michelle Gellar

Envied by many women for being so lucky to win Freddy Prince Jr.’s heart, Sarah Michelle Gellar can be a role model to many because of her spending habit. Though she is worth millions, she still indulges in couponing to save money – whether it is at a grocery store or a department store.

Lesson Learned: Don’t be ashamed to use coupons because even celebs do. Take advantage of the little savings you can have because of coupons. These savings can add up and be a significant contributor to your extra fund.

3.   Leonardo DiCaprio

Unknown to many, the heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio is a very frugal celebrity who would rather fly using commercial planes rather than on private jets so as to prevent further damaging our environment. He spends most of his income on important causes like donating to charities focused on keeping the environment healthy.

Lesson Learned: The more you make use of public transportation, the more likely you will be saving Mother Earth and the greater money you will be able to save for more vital causes like emergency fund, retirement, etc. But if you have no savings yet and you have an emergency finance, take advantage of immediate cash relief like Richmond Hill Bad Credit Personal Loans which can be your temporary financial resort. Once you are stable, start living frugally by taking the lessons you’ve learned from these celebrities into action.

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