Sure Ways To Prevent High Credit Card Debt

Do you have a credit card? Are you using it wisely? If your answer is no, then perhaps you are close to suffering from a very high credit debt. Before you totally loss control over your credit, be sure to read on some of the ways below to prevent very expensive credit card bills. Otherwise, you can suffer from bad credit score and affect your chances of getting approved of any loan application.

  • Think before you swipe. Having a credit card can fool you into thinking you can afford anything. One swipe here can let you own a new smartphone. Another swipe there can let you have that luxury bag in your hands. Stop swiping before it is too late! Credit card is borrowed money which you have to pay later on. Always think about this when you are about to swipe it for unnecessary commodities. Think before you swipe – this should be your motto!
  • Limit your credit card use. If you have just enough cash in your wallet to get you through the day then leave your credit card behind. Just use your credit card when you are totally out of funds yet you need to buy something as soon as possible. This will keep you on track of your finances better as you will be forced to spend cold cash rather than money which is not yours.
  • Don’t delay your payment. As long as your chances permit, pay your credit card dues before its deadline. This is because interest runs on your credit card too. Failure to pay on your due date would mean an increase in your amount due. This will keep on increasing until the time you finally settle your dues.

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