Reasons Why You Are Still In Debt Part 2

In the previous post, “Reasons Why You Are Still In Debt Part 1”, I have outlined few of the reasons why you are still in debt. This post tells you more of reasons you still need to be aware of so that you can start aiming on the possible solutions which can lead you to financial freedom.

Read on below on the other reasons why you are still in debt:

1.       You swipe your credit card too often.

Another culprit as to why you remain in debt is because you tend to replace your cash with your credit card. You use your credit card in your purchases that you lose your grip on the reality of how much money you really have. This makes it easier for you to overspend and end up in major credit card debts. To resolve this, you must make it a habit to use cash as often as possible when you shop. It will give you a better sense of how much you are actually spending and thus make you mindful of your next purchases.

2.       You don’t have a realistic budget.

Of course you already have a budget. That’s what most financial analysts advise us. But your budget is not focused on the loopholes of your spending habits. Rather it is aimed on all your expenses alone. A realistic budget is one that will allocate a certain amount to all your necessary expenses as well as focus on finding leaks on your spending habits which you can use to fund your debt repayments. Start having this kind of budget as soon as possible.

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