How To Save On Water Cost

If you are budget-savvy like me, then you are constantly on the hunt for ideas on saving money on practically everything. In case you are looking for ways to save on water costs, then you have come to the right post. Here, I am going to show you how you can save money on your water bills and save the environment in the process through the use of water saving products.

  • Replace your standard toilet flush with dual flush.

Flushing urine would need lesser water compared to flushing your stool. Yet with a regular toilet flush, you don’t have flushing options. This is why investing on dual flush toilet system is very convenient as much as water efficient for you.

  • Replace your regular shower heads with water saving ones.

Water saving shower heads saves about 16 liters of water per minute compared to regular shower heads. Imagine how much money you can save on water and how much you could help the environment during your regular shower time – that’s about 80 liters of water during a regular 5-minute bath time.

  • Water your garden with rain water.

Rather than using regular and fresh tap water to water your plants, consider storing rain water and using it to water your garden and other things that do not require fresh water.

  • Invest on energy efficient washing machines.

Older models of washing machines make use of a lot of water with every wash. With the newer generation of washing machines, you cannot just save money on water usage but also on electric usage as well.

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