How To Make Money During Bad Economy

If you are like me, you most likely won’t risk putting your money on stocks during a recession. This is the main reason why my money does not grow. As it turns out, most successful investors have taken advantage of a bad situation that they turned out successful in making money during a bad economy. If you want to be like them, here are some tips I have researched on:

  • Buy stocks from companies you trust when no one else does.

One of the main secrets of the most successful investor in the world, Warren Buffett, is he buys shares or stocks when no one else does because the latter is afraid to take some risks. Warren has proven these people wrong. By buying stocks from companies he trusts (food markets) during a bad time, he was able to grow his net worth by double. That was why he made money during bad economy.

  • Pay your debts during a bad economy.

Often, RBA lowers official cash rates during a bad economy which in turn lowers the interest rates of your debt. Make money during a bad economy (take the most advantage of your money) by paying your debts during this time. As interest rates are lower, you can pay much more on your pending debts and thereby settle it sooner. This can save you so much money later on. Thus, it would seem like you have made money during a bad economy.

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