Reasons Why People Opt For Immediate Gratification Rather Than Frugal Living

Young people often find themselves in a dilemma: whether to live frugally or to resort to immediate gratification. Unfortunately, many choose the latter for many different motives. Among the reasons why people opt for immediate gratification are the following.

1.       We are only 20s once.

One of the common reasons young people make up when asked about their irresponsible spending is – “I only live once”. “If I don’t get it now, then when” is the question young people always keep asking themselves to justify their constant resort to immediate gratification. This is the reason why at an early age, they buy expensive homes, cars, and go on luxurious holidays. They believe that their chance for doing so won’t occur later when they age. But what they don’t know is that happiness from adventures and satisfaction does not necessarily equate to age. There are too many old people today who are fulfilling their passion and they never regretted doing it late in their lives. Being in your 20s is never an excuse for poor spending habits.

2.       The future will take care of itself.

Those who don’t believe in frugal living have a common misconception that the future will take care of itself. Job opportunities will always be there. Incomes will steadily rise. They will always have enough money for now so why worry what happens later. What they don’t realize is that nothing is steady. In this world, everything changes. What is in demand today won’t be in demand 10 years from now. This is why it is very crucial to save money.

3.       I’m too young to be financially responsible.

Young people believe that financial responsibility only starts when you are 40. Since they are not sure if they will ever reach that age, they live life the way they want it. They spend like there is no tomorrow. By the time they reach 40, regrets set in. “Why did I wait until I’m 40 before I started saving? Now I have to portion a larger amount from my paycheck just so I can have a happy retirement”. My advice for you is to not wait until it’s too late.

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