Ways To Reduce Your Monthly Utility Bills

Are you aware of the factors contributing to your very high energy bills? According to Energy Star, expensive energy bills are brought about by our heating and cooling appliances. Whether you live in a warm or a cool area, your energy bills rise steadily because of your need for a comfortable temperature at home.

Problem with this is that not everyone can always afford to pay $200, $300 and sometimes even $500 just on utility bills. Gas prices are steadily rising. Prices of commodities are not getting any lesser too. Because of this, it is crucial that you find some ways to effectively reduce your utility bills. Otherwise, you might end up incurring one debt after another.

I have come up with effective strategies to reduce your monthly utility bills. See the tips below:

1.       Insulate the higher areas of your home.

There are plenty of DIY home insulation tutorials online which can help you create cheap insulation for your home. It is very smart to insulate the higher areas of the house as science tells us that heat escapes by rising up. And if you don’t have insulating devices upstairs or in the attic of your house, you will end up consuming more energy than usual through the use of air conditioning units. Yet with a good insulation up there, you will have a permanent non-energy consuming solution for this problem.

2.       Install a programmable thermostat.

This is really a good way to reduce your monthly utility bills. Programmable thermostats allow you to automatically increase or decrease the temperature of your house with just a single set up. You won’t have to constantly set the temperature to your desired level because the thermostat will be the one to do that for you.

For example, at times when you are not home, you can program the thermostat to go up during the summer and low during the winter while automatically returning to a comfortable range when you are at home. As a result, your appliances won’t be consuming energy when you don’t need it.

3.       Wash your clothes using cold water.

How many loads of laundry do you do per year? The average load for every Canadian household is about 400 loads per year. If you are using warm water for your laundry, then you are terribly wasting too much energy in the process as 90% of the energy consumed by your washer goes to heating the water. Hence, by starting to wash your clothes with cold water, you can save a significant amount on your utility bills.

These are just simple strategies you can start in order to save some amount on utility bills. However, if you have an unexpected bill and you have nowhere to run to, use Whitby Bad Credit Personal Loans in the meantime.

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